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  West Palm Beach FL, 33412
  Phone: (561)-624-8336 Fax: (561) 626-9748 
  Ernie DeVita, edevita@aol.com, Cl: 561-248-8993
  Barbara Savastano, bsavterepco@aol.com, Cl: 561-373-5447
Company Products
Amplical RF Switches and Attenuators:
Whippany NJ Precision & Solid StateRelay Step Attenuators, High Performance Diode Switches
www.amplical.com Switches, High Power Amplifiers
Ciao Wireless RF & Microwave Amplifiers 30 KHz to 65 GHz:     
Camarillo, CA GaAs FET & Sub-Assemblies, Radial Combiners/Dividers,    
www.ciaowireless.com Space Qualified Components      
Crane Electronics Inc  Microwave Solutions: Frequency Converters, Switch Matrices, Modullators,    
Chandler AZ Complex Oscillator Assy's, DTO's, PLO's Isolators, Circulators, Detectors,     
www.craneae.com/mw Limiters, Comb Generators, Detector Log Video Amplifiers (DLVA's)    
Crane Electronics Inc  Microwave Solutions: Multi-Mix Multilayer Integrated Circuit Technology,    
Merrimac Ind West Caldwell NJ Power Dividers, Directional Couplers, Hybrids, Mixer products, Phase Shifters    
www.craneae.com/merrimac Custom Beamformer networks.      
Cuming Microwwave Dielectric Materials: RF Absorbers, Syntactic Foam,    
Avon MA RCS Reduction, Advanced Microwave Material    
Cuming Lehman Chambers Anecholic Chambers: High Frequency & EMC Shielded Test Facilities,     
Chambersburg PA Turn Key, engineered through Construction. On Site Project Management.    
www.cuminglehman.com Manufacturing Equipment Supplier, Custom Made to your specifications    
NoiseWave Corporation Noise Sources & Test Equipment: Calibrated Broad Band Noise Sources,    
East Hanover, NJ Gaussian Diodes, Manual Noise Instruments    
Reactel Incorporated RF and Microwave Filters: Discrete, Cavity Ceramic, Tubular, Waveguide    
Gaithersburg, MD Switch Filter Banks, Bandpass, Wireless, LC Filters     
www.reactel.com Wireless Products, Flat Pack Filters      
RF Logic  Coaxial Cable assemblies: Commercial, Military, Medical, Test & Measurement    
Hudson New Hampshire Custom Cable & Harnesses, Braided Cables, Semi Rigid Formable, Precision Low     
www.rflogic.net Loss assembles      
Sivers IMA Microwave Sources: Ultra Wide Band Oscillators, PLL & Synthesizers    
Sweden FMCW Microwave Modules and Customized Front Ends, Frequency    
www.siversima.com Range 3.0-100 GHz, mmWave up/down converter platforms    
SRI Connector Gage Company RF Precision Coaxial Connectors, SMA, 1.85 mm, 2.4mm 2.9mm 3.5mm     
Melbourne Florida TNC, Type N, ZMA Connectors & Adapters      
www.sriconnectorgage.com Standard or custom requirements      
Product Lines Companies Product Lines Companies
Absorbers Cuming Microwave Filter, Switch Filter Banks Reactel 
Adhesives & Conductive Materials Cuming Microwave Filter, Tubular Reactel 
Amplified Noise Sources NoiseWave Filter, Waveguide Reactel 
Amplifiers, High Dyn. Range Crane. Ciao Filter, LC Filters Reactel 
Amplifiers, Low Noise (LNA) Ciao Wireless Filter, Wireless Products Reactel 
Amplifiers, Medium Power Cioa Wireless Integrated Subsystems Crane, Reactel
Amplifiers, High Power Amplical Hybrids Crane Merrimac
Anechoic Chamber  Cuming Lehman Isolators/Circulators Crane Chandler
Beamforming Networks Crane Merrimac Integrated Components Crane Chandler
Blind Mate Connectors SRI Limiters Crane Chandler
Cable Assemblies, Flexible RF Logic Microwave Oscillators & Sources Crane Chandler
Cable Assemblies, Semi Rigid RF Logic Mixers Crane Merrimac
Cable Assemblies, Formable RF Logic Modulators Crane Merrimac
Cable Assemblies, Wire Harnesses RF Logic mmWave up/down converter assy Sivers
Cable Assemblies, Test & Measurement RF Logic Multi-Mix multi layer circuits Crane Merrimac
Calibrated Noise Sources NoiseWave Noise Instruments Manual NoiseWave
Coaxial Adapters SRI Oscillators,  Crane, Sivers, IMA
Connector Coaxial SRI Complex Oscillator Assemblies Crane Chandler
Coaxial Limiters Crane Chandler Phase Shifters, Digital Crane Chandler
Comb Generators Crane Chandler Phase Shifters Crane Merrimac
Couplers Crane Merrimac PIN Diode Switches Amplical
Delay Lines RF Logic PLL's Sivers
Detectors, STC Chandler Power Dividers Crane Merrimac
Digital Freq. Discriminators Crane Chandler Precision Connectors SRI
Dielectric Material Cuming Microwave Receiving Assemblies Crane
Diodes:  (Gaussian) NoiseWave SSB Modulators Crane Chandler
Diodes: SMT NoiseWave Subsystems Crane Chandler
Diodes: T08 NoiseWave Switch Matrices Crane Chandler
Diode Switches (PIN) Amplical Switches, Transfer Crane Chandler
Double Balanced Mixers Crane Merrimac Switches, PIN Diode  
Faom, Anechoic  Chamber Cuming Microwave Synthesizers Crane,  Sivers
Faom, Syntactic Cuming Microwave Transceivers Sivers  
Frequency Converter Assy's Crane Chandler, Sivers Up/Down Converters Crane Chandler
Filters, Bandpass Reactel  VCO's Sivers
Filter, Cavity Reactel  Waveguide Filters Reactel
Filter, Ceramic Reactel