Companies "A to I"

734-426-5553 - Ann Arbor, MI 48103

9thCOFull service digital agency that offers: Internet marketing, web design and development
866-811-5604 / Toronto, Canada

Agilent TechnologiesEEsof EDA products, test equipment, racks, adapters, amplifiers, switches
800-452-4844 / Santa Clara, CA

AMPSAAmplifier design and Impedance matching software, RF & Microwave
+27 (0)12 644 0786 / Pretoria, South Africa

Analog DevicesSoftware for amplifiers, data converters, RF/IF IC's, Power management, MEMS
781-329-4700 / Norwood, MA

Andrew - A CommScope CompanySoftware, antenna system planner, IQ master, base station, coax, waveguide
972-792-3000 / Richardson, TX

ANSYSAnsoft Designer, HFSS, Q3D extractor, Siwave, Full-Wave SPICE
+!-412-261-3200 / Pittsburgh, PA

Aphena LtdSoftPlot - connects test equiptment to a PC via GPIB/LAN, VNAState, Plottergeist
+44 (0) 1223 700499 / Cambridge, UK

APLAC Corporation - AWRSee APPLIED WAVE RESEARCH for information
310-726-3000 / El Segundo, CA

Applied Wave ResearchEDA software, Microwave Office, Analog Office, Axiem, Visual Simulator
310-726-3000 / El Segundo, CA

AppCAD - Avago TechnologiesFree for RF & Microwave designers of semiconductor, circuit, signal, systems
1-800-235-0312 / San Jose, CA

Applied Computational SciencesComputer Aided Engineering Solutions for RF & Microwave Circuit Design
+1-760-612-6988 / Escondido, CA

Applied Radio Labs SimPLL-software, PLL design/analysis, phase noise, non-linear transients
+61 2 9868 6583 / Australia

ARK RF SystemsAnalog, RF & Microwave simulators, SPview II, Autolab, AutolabNF, SPsim
+44(0)1983 400340 / UK

Avago TechnologiesAppCAD & ADS modeling, amplifiers, attenuators, diodes, transistors
1-800-235-0312 / San Jose, CA

Cadence3D viewer, AMS simulator, RF Designer, Circuit Simulator, Schematic Editor
408.943.1234 / San Jose, CA

CSTMicrowave Studio contains - transient, frequency, equation, asymptotic solvers
508-665-4400  / Framingham , MA

Efield Solutions ABA complete simulation environment for 3D electromagnetic applications
+46 (0)8 410 03 510 / Stockholm, Sweden

emGine Environment3D Electromagnetic Field Simulator for microwave antennas, circuits, filters
+49-176-24030711 / Lenggries, Germany

EMSSElectromagnetic simulation software, Antenna and EM field simulation
+27 21 880 1880 / Stellenbosch, South Africa

Filter SolutionsSynthesis & analysis, passive, active, switched capacitor, digital filters
+1 602-279-2448 / Phoenix, AZ

Guided Wave TechnologyMicrowave & waveguide filter analysis and coupling matrix synthesis
+45 20 88 58 30 / Copenhagen, Denmark

Infolytica2D/3D Electromagnetic field and electric field simulation software
+1-514-849-8752 / Montréal, Québec Canada

Integrated Engineering SoftwareRF simulation software, FDTD, MoM, CHRONOS - time domain solver
(+1) 204.632.5636 / Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Companies "J to R"

Johanson TechnologyJTIsoft® Modeling Software and high frequency ceramic solutions
805-389-1166 / Camarillo, CA

Linear TechnologyFilterCAD Active filter, LTspice IV, LTpowerCAD, LTpowerPlay, PLLWizard
800-454-6327 / Milpitas, CA

LoadPartsElectronic Component Search Engine, locates datasheets and manufacturers
514-806-8451 / Montreal, Canada

Manfred Kanther - Excel ProgramsMatching Network Designer for Excel, Measurement Data conversion to Excel
Email questions to

MaplesoftSuite of EDA tools to model & analyze electronic and mechanical systems
1-800-267-6583 / Waterloo, ON, Canada

Matheonics TechnologyFAZA software allows users to build the transfer function of analog filters
519-578 2092 / Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Mentor GraphicsIE3D™ EM simulation, design antennas, MMICs, RFID, IC Packaging, & PCBs
1-800-547-3000 / Wilsonville, OR

MicrometalsInductor Design Software 2010,
RF Design Software (Torids)

800-356-5977 / Anaheim, CA

National InstrumentsAnalysis for pressure, temperature, strain, embedded design, measurments
800-531-5066 / Austin, TX

OmicronQuickFil II V5.1 is freeware for passive electronic filter design
+1-800-OMICRON/ Houston, TX

Optical Research AssociatesCODE V® & LightTools® optical design and analysis software
+1 626-795-9101 / Pasadena, CA

OptotekLinear simulator, active/passive circuits Waveform simulator, time domain
613-749-8171 / Ottawa Ontario, Canada

PedaSoftEM-Core, electromagnetic field solver, EM-Supreme, device-circuit co-simulator
623-521-4451 / Chandler, AZ

ENA/PNA Capture & RF CalculatorPlease visit Sunshine Design and engineering
760-685-1126 cell /Ramona, Ca

Powersys SolutionsPower Systems Software Partners

+1-727-412-8202 / Largo, FL, USA

QUEC Simulator Project"Quite Universal Circuit Simulator" uses Nokia's Qt open source framework
Nokia - Qt +47 21 60 48 00 / Oslo Norway

QuickSmithSmith Chart program by Nathan Iyer, also get Cascade, CoilSim, PLLSim
408-727-1129 / Santa Clara, CA

REMCOMXF - 3D EM simulation solver,
WI - wireless communications analysis

1-888-773-6266 / State College, PA

RF FlowVersion 5 for drawing schmatics, flow charts, org charts, presentations
970-663-5767 / Loveland, CO

RTS ScientificEMPIRE XCcel, 3D FDTD simulation, coplanar & multilayer & LTCC design
905-882-2599 / Toronto, Canada

Companies "S to Z"

SoftJinEDA building blocks and EDA software services to provide a complete solution
408-773-1714 / Santa Clara, CA

Software Spectra Inc.TFCalc™ software for designing & manufacturing optical thin film coatings
1-800-832-2524 / Portland, OR

SolidWorksDXF, DWG, CAD file formats, simulation, sustainability, data management, 3D
1-800-693-9000 / Waltham, MA

SonnetSONNET Suite - 3D planar EM analysis and CST - 3D EM analysis
315.453.3096 / North Syracuse, NY

Spry Software, IncData analysis tools to access STDF and ATE data formats, viewer/editor, library
321-729-9976 / Palm Bay, FL

Sunshine Design Engineering ServicesRF-PNA-ENA capture, plus capacitance, resistance, inductance, microstrip, etc
760-685-1126 cell /Ramona, Ca

Synplicity, Inc - Synopsys, IncEDA software, IP and services used in semiconductor design & manufacturing
800-541-7737 / Mountain View, CA

The Engineers ClubCompilation of programs for electrical and mechanical engineers
408-916-1057 / San Jose, CA

The Math WorksMatLab RF data visualization, analysis, design, simulate systems & components
508-647-7000 / Natick, MA

Tonne SoftwareAnalysis & plots of active networks, filters, RF amplifiers, & meter scales
Oak Ridge, TN

Transcalc via Sourceforge.netFreeware, analysis & synthesis of RF & microwave transmission lines
800-280-5176 / Grass Valley, CA

US Department of Energy SoftwareTools to help identify & analyze energy system savings in your plant or facility
1-877-337-3463 / e-mail

Vector Fields - CobhamFinite element software for modelling & analysing electromagnetic equipment
+44 (0) 1865 370151 / Kidlington Oxfordshire, U.K

VNA HelpCalibration Kit Manager network analyzer utility, SWR Calculator
707-695-1262 / Santa Rosa, CA

WaveConFilter designs for microstrip, stripline, coupled line & rods, transmission line
760-747-6922 / Escondido, CA

WIPL-DElectromagnetic modeling/simulation of antennas and microwave circuits
+381 11 2289 350 / Belgrade Serbia

WolframDocument solutions - Mathematica 8, gridMathematica, Wolfram Workbench
800-965-3726 / Champaign, IL

ZeligsoftComponent-oriented approach to the development of embedded software
800-935-4479 / Gatineau, Quebec Canada

Zeland - Mentor GraphicsFull-wave 3D electromagnetic (EM) analysis software - from Mentor
800-935-4479 / Gatineau, Quebec Canada