Companies "A to H"

A-InfoModulators, filters, mixers, amplifiers, detectors, limiters, oscillators, switches
+86-28-8816-3497 / Chengdu, China

Analog DevicesModulators, mixers, switches, amplifiers, attenuators, limiters, power dividers
800-262-5643 / Norwood, MA

AnarenVector modulators, mixers, couplers, power dividers, splitter, attenuators
800-544-2414 / East Syracuse, NY

California Eastern LaboratoriesBipolars, GaAs FETs, RFICs, solid state relays, up/down converter IC's
800-390-3232 / Santa Clara, CA

CernexModulators, mixers, amplifiers, couplers, detectors, oscillators, phase shifters
408-541-9226 / Sunnyvale, CA

Codan LimitedHF radio, satellite, digital manpack radios, voice recognition
08 8305 0311 / Newton, Australia

Crane Aerospace & ElectronicsModulators, mixers, detectors, limiters, oscillators, phase shifters, switches
+1 425-895-3100 / Redmond, OR

ET IndustriesModulators, mixers, directional couplers, power dividers, phase shifters, VCO's
973-394-1719 / Boonton, NJ

EndwaveMultipliers, up/down converters, amplifiers, oscillators, synthesizers
888-363-4283 / Sunnyvale, CA

GreenPeak TechnologiesLow power front end set-top & TV controller, communications controller
+31 30 262 1157 / The Netherlands

G.T. MicrowaveVector, pulse, BPSK, QPSK modulators, attenuators, switches, phase shifters
973-361-5700 / Randolph, NJ

HerleyAttenuators, modulators, power dividers, synthesizers, phase shifters, switches
717-735-8117 / Lancaster, PA

Heuermann HF-Technik GmbHRF circuit analysis software, power amplifiers, generators, transceivers,
+49 2402/9749764 / Stolberg, Germany

High Sierra MicrowaveModulators, PLL's, up/down converters, low noise amplifiers, comb generators
530-644-3393 / Camino, CA

Hittite Microwave CorpModulators, mixers, VCO's, amplifiers, attenuators, frequency multipliers
978-250-3343 / Chelmsford, MA

Companies "I to Q"

Linwave Technology LtdSATCOM BUC, SSPA, Military microwave sub modules
+44 1522 681811 / Lincoln, UK

M/A-COM CobhamRF, microwave and millimeter wave semiconductors, diodes, transistors,
800-366-2266 / Lowell, MA

Magnum - Spectrum Microwave Modulators, mixers, amplifiers, detectors, limiters, switches, VCO's
888-553-7531 / Palm Bay, FL

Marki MicrowaveModulators, mixers, amplifiers, converters, couplers, dividers, doublers
408-778-4200 / Morgan Hill, CA

Merrimac IndustriesModulators, power dividers, combiners, mixers, couplers, phase shifters
201-575-1300 / West Caldwell, NJ

Mica MicrowaveMixers, circulators, isolators, equalizers, phase shifters
209-825-3977 / Manteca, CA

Microphase Communications, Inc.L band & C band up and down converters, legacy modulators
650-368-8379 / Redwood City, CA

Mini-CircuitsModulators, mixers, attenuators, filters, terminations, combiners, couplers
718-934-4500 / Brooklyn, NY

MiteqVideo modulators, amplifiers, mixers, frequency multipliers, power dividers
631-436-7400 / Hauppauge, NY

Narda - L-3 CommunicationsModulators, phase shifters, detectors, power combiners, couplers, switches
631-231-1700 / Hauppauge, NY

Norden Millimeter, IncAmplifiers, filters, oscillators, isolators, multipliers, up/down converters
530-642-9123 / Placerville, CA

Optical Zonu CorporationRF & GPS & timing over fiber, RF systems, fiber fed repeaters, transceivers
818 780 9701 / Los Angeles, CA

Planar MonolithicsModulators, mixers, couplers, detectors, phase shifters, MIC/MMIC's
301-662-5019 / Frederick, MD

Q-Bit - Spectrum MicrowaaveModulators, mixers, amplifiers, detectors, limiters, switches, VCO's
888-553-7531 / Palm Bay, FL

Companies "R to Z"

Remec Broadband WirelessMobile cellular, fixed wireless access, WiMax, private networks
858-312-6900 / San Diego, CA

RFDataTechRadio modems, data radios, paging radios, RF modulators, satellite modems
+44 (0)1322 614313 / UK

RFHIC Corporation USAMixers, amplifiers, broadcasting, FTTH amplifiers, MMIC (GaN, GaAs, GaN)
919-342-7099 / Cary, NC

RFMD Corporation USAModulators, mixers, amplifiers, couplers, attenuators, limiters, power dividers
+1 336-664-1233 / Greensboro, NC

Sage Labs - Spectrum MicrowaveMixers, phase shifters, power dividers, couplers, hybrids, filters, rotary joints
508-653 0844 / Natick, MA

Salisbury Engr - Spectrum Microwave Modulators mixers, tuners, synthesizers, filters, oscillators
888-553-7531 / Delmar, DE

Sivers IMA ABMixers, VCOs, PLLs, synthesizers, FMCW sensor front ends, mmwave converters
+46-8-7036800 / Kista, Sweden

Sirenza -RFMDModulators, mixers, VCOs, PLLs, demodulators, couplers, transistors
336-664-1233 / Greensboro, NC

Synergy MicrowaveModulators, mixers, phase shifters, demodulators, synthesizers, VCO's
973-881-8800 / Paterson, NJ

TLC Precision Wafer Technology, Inc MMICs, modulators, mixers, phase shifters, MMIC oscillators, multipliers
612-341-2795 / Minneapolis, MN

Trak MicrowaveMixers, IQ modulators, phase shifters, multipliers, oscillators, GPS timing
888-283-8444 / Tampa, FL

TriQuint SemiconductorMixers, attenuators, doublers, duplexers, GaAs IC's, transistors, SAW filters
503-615-9000 / Hillsboro, OR

Virginia DiodesMixers, GaAs Schottky diodes, frequency multipliers, direct detectors, mesh filters
434-297-3257 / Charlottesville, VA

VivaTechMixers, amplifiers, multipliers, frequency converters, detectors, synthisizers
01372 377362 / Leatherhead, Surrey UK

WJ Communication -TriQuint SemiMixers, attenuators, doublers, duplexers, GaAs IC's, transistors, SAW filters
503-615-9000 / Hillsboro, OR