Companies "A to F"

ABC Taiwan Electronics CorpInductors, SMT, chip beads, open-type, SMT power, shielded power, line filters
886-3-478-8188 / Taoyuan Taiwan

AbraconPower inductors, thin film chips, transformers, chokes, EMI filters
949-546-8000 / Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

American Technical Ceramics (ATC)Wire-wound chip inductors, multi, single layer ceramic caps, resistors, attenuators 631-622-4700 / Huntington Station, NY

API DelevanPower inductors, EMI/RFI suppressors, transformers, chokes, SMT, laminated
716-652-3600 / East Aurora, NY

Central TechnologiesInductors, transformers, toroids, beads, DC/DC converters, design kits, customs
800-684-5322 / Irvine, CA

CET TechnologyPower transformers, inductors, chokes, toroids, filters, EMI/RFI control
603-894-6100 / Windham, NH

CoilcraftRF magnetics, power inductors, EMI/RFI filter, broadband magnetics, transformers
800-322-2645 / Cary, IL

Coil MasterPower inductors, filters, transformers, ferrite chip beads, wire wound inductors
+82-31-904-1444 / Korea

Coils UnlimitedPower inductors, transformers, pulse, current, RF & IF bandpass filters
321-631-0554 / Rockledge, FL

CoiltechPower inductors, Wire wound, ceramic, ferrite, molded, multi-layer, coils, beads
714-708-8715 / Costa Mesa, CA

Coiltronics/Bussmann Inductors, transformers, over voltage, over current, time delay fuses
636-527-3877 / Ellisville, MO

Communication Coils, IncInductors, transformers, coils, chokes, baluns, toroids, LC filters
+1-847-671-1333 / Schiller Park IL

CTM MagneticsInductors, transformers, 3-phase inductor & LC - LCL filter assemblies
+1-480-967-9447 / Tempe, AZ

Datatronic Distribution, IncInductors, transformers, RF magnetics, common mode chokes, gate drive, pulse
888-889-5391 / Romoland, CA

Easy Magnet Corp Inductors, transformers, balun, common mode chokes, gate drive, pulse
886-2-26989699 / Hsi-Chih, Taiwan, ROC

Electro Assemblies CorpInductors, transformers, laminated, wound ferrite, air & RF coils, toroids
847-272-2915 / Northbrook, IL

Emicon CorporationInductors, coils, powerline filters, signal line and EMI filters, low pass filters
915-590-0795 / El Paso, TX

EPCOSInductors, capacitors, surge arresters, nonlinear resistors, ferrite components
800-689-3717 / Iselin, NJ

Espey Mfg & Electronics CorpInductors, transformers, customs, SMPS, power, pulse, impedance matching
518-245-4400 / Saratoga Springs, NY

Excel Electric - MSR Electronics Power inductors, transformers, surface mount, current sensors
561-784-4881 / Wellington, FL

FASTRONInductors, chip, molded, leaded. power, shielded, chokes, suppression coils
0049 80639935 / Munich, Germany

FDKInductors, resistors, ferrites, motors, optics, absorbers, transformers
858-558-8368 / San Diego, CA

FiltroneticsInductors, toroidal and power, SMT & chip coils,solenoids, pot core assemblies
816-231-7375 / Kansas City, MO

Frontier USARF inductors, power chokes, common mode filters, multilayer & ferrite beads
805-522-9998 / Simi Valley, CA

Companies "G to O"

Gowanda ElectronicsSMT power inductors, filter beads, toroids, chokes. common mode filter
716-532-2234 / Gowanda, NY

HiMag SolutionaPlanar transformer designs, mounting plate, tabs, bolted, horizontal PCB
800-961-6295 / Stroud, Gloucestershire UK

Inductive TechnologiesInductors, transformers, chokes & coils, thru-hole or surface mount
800-961-6295 / Salisbury, MD

Inductors, IncInductors, chokes, coils, beads & transformers
800-533-8295 / Irvine, CA

Ion Beam Milling, IncThin film circuits, photolithography, milling, and/or dicing services
603-644-2326 / Manchester, NH

Johanson TechnologyLTCC inductors, ceramic filters, diplexers, baluns, capacitors
805-389-1166 / Camarillo, CA

Light Electronic LtdInductors, coils, and chokes
0086-755-81531101 / China

KOA Speer ElectronicsInductors, resistors, capacitors, 3EMI/RFI filters, circuit protection
814-362-5536 / Bradford, PA

LBA Group Technology RF power inductors, isocouplers, shielding systems, test equipment
252-757-0279 / Greenville, NC

Machrone CorpInductors, chokes, filters, chip antennas, couplers, diplexers, transformers
65 62740566 / Singapore

Mag Layers USALTCC components, chip inductors, chokes, coils, ferrite beads, diplexers
800-427-4010 / Santa Ana, CA

Magnettika Power inductors and transformers, molded, open frame, SMT, bobbin, planar
310-527-8100 / Gardena, CA

Mallory-DuraCap InternationalRF "Inductuners", switches, wire-wound potentiometers, rheostats, attenuators
519-539-4891 Ontario/Canada

MetglasAmorphous metal ribbon, distribution transformers, high frequency cores
+1-800-581-7654 / Conway, SC

MicroMetrics - AeroflexSpiral quartz based inductors, thin film resistors & circuits, chip capacitors
888-641-7364 / Londonderry, NH

Microwave Components, IncMicroelectronic coils, inductors
978-256-8251 / South Chelmsford, MA

Mitchell ElectronicsTransformers, inductors, current sensors
914-699-3800 / Mt. Vernon, NY

Murata ElectronicsMulti-layer chip inductors & delay lines, SMT capacitors, resistors, EMI filters
800-241-6574 / Smyrna, GA

NIC ComponentsInductors, ferrite beads, capacitors, attenuators, resistors, diodes, varistors
631-396-7500 / Melville, NY

Nova MagneticsInductors, audio, current, flyback, pulse, SMPS, switching inductor
1-888-530-NOVA / Garland, TX

OhmitePower inductors, resistors, SMT resistors, rheostats, tap switches
866-964-6483 / Rolling Meadows, IL

Companies "P to Z"

PanasonicChip inductors, laser-cut or wire-wound, choke coils, EMI, ESD, noise filters
201-348-7000 / Secaucus, NJ

Pico ElectronicsInductors, transformers, SMT/plug in, dc-dc converters, PF corrected modules
800-431-1064 / Pelham, NY

PiconicsInductors, fixed, spiral, tunable, conical, inductor/capacitor on a chip, customs
978-649-7501 / Tyngsboro, MA

Practical ComponentsNon-electrical, exact size, shape & soldering, pick-&-place machine setup
714-252-0010 / Los Alamitos, CA

Prem MagneticsPower inductors, transformers, chokes, toroids, bobbins, smd/thru-hole, audio
+1-815-385-2700 / Johnsburg, IL

Pulse ElectronicsPower inductors, transformers, chokes, chip & thru-hole, RF filters, diplexers
+1-858-674-8100 / San Diego, CA

Radius PowerEMI/EMC filters, power supplies, transformers, inductors.
714-289-0055 / Orange, CA

Renco ElectronicsInductors, transformers, toroids, power chokes, bobbins surface mount
321-637-1000 / Rockledge, FL

Rhombus IndustriesPower magnetics, inductors, delay lines, transformers, switch mode magnetics
714-898-0960 / Huntington Beach, CA

Schott MagneticsPower inductors, SMT inductors, helical wound, coupled, dc-dc convertor
507-223-5572 / San Diego, CA

Sprague GoodmanSMT chip/leaded inductors, transformers, trimmer capacitors, tuning elements
516-334-8700 / Westbury, NY

SSMResistors, capacitors, inductors, Hi Q fixed/variable coils, filters, sensors
+81-25-552-3988 / Niigata-Pref., Japan

Standex Electronics Inductors and transformers, wire wound and planar
513-871-3777 / Cincinnati, OH

Taiyo-YudenPower chip inductors, wire-wound chip, high frequency, SMD, balun transformers
+1-847-925-0888 / Schaumburg,IL

Talema - AlfaMag ElectronicsPower inductors, chokes, current sensors, toroids, smd & thru hole
866-482-5362 / Rolla, MO

Tamura CorpInductors, transformers, linear & switch mode transformers, emi/rfi filters & coils
800-472-6624 /Temecula, CA

Toko AmericaInductors, filters, baluns, antennas, semiconductors, amplifiers
847-297-0070 / Mt. Prospect, IL

Transtek MagneticsInductors, transformers, gate drive, current sense, planar, power chokes
800-378-0015 / Tucson, AZ

US MicrowavesInductors, attenuators, substrates, diodes, dividers, resistors, filters
408-970-9680 / Santa Clara, CA

VenkelChip capacitors, resistors, inductors, thermistors, choke coils, ferrite beads.
800-950-8365 / Austin, TX

Ventronics USAInductors, coils, chokes, delay lines, EMI filters, transformers, resistors, diodes
908-272-9262 / Kenilworth, NJ

West Coast MagneticsPower inductors, common mode chokes, RF and switch mode, transformers
800-628-1123 / Stockton, CA

XFMRSTransformers, inductors, inverters, EMI suppressors, RF transformers to 1 GHz
317-834-1066 / Camby, IN