Companies "A to J"

AeroflexDuplexer, triplexer, multiplexer, filters - cavity - ceramic - printed
516-694-6700 / Plainview, NY

AKONFilters/switched filter banks, amplifiers, power dividers, gain (slope) equalizers
408-432-8039 - San Jose, CA

AmplitronixRF/IF SAW filters, resonators, VCO's
714-918-4752 - Costa Mesa, CA

Anatech ElectronicsDuplexers, triplexers, filters, directional couplers, power dividers,
973-772-4242 / Garfield, NJ

AVXFilters, capacitors, ESD/surge protection, EMI/RFI feedthrough filters
843-946-0414 - Myrtle Beach, SC

Bartley Machine &Manufacturing Filters-active, Uni-Q fixed, Ultra-Q adjustable, Multi-Q multi channel
978-388-0085 - Amesbury, MA

Bree EngineeringFilters, bandpass, combline, diplexers, LC, low-pass, highpass, image reject
760-510-4950 - San Marcos, CA

CernexFilters, diplexers, amplifiers, couplers, circulators, oscillators, switches
408-541-9226 - Sunnyvale, CA

Channel Microwave - SmithsFilters, integrated assemblies, isolators/circulators, ISO-adapters
805-482-7280 - Camarillo, CA

Ciao WirelessSpace qualified filters, amplifiers, LNAs, multi-octave, broadband, combiners
805-389-3224 - Camarillo, CA

ClearComm TechnologiesFilters, base station, cavity, delay filters, diplexers/multiplexers, waveguide
410-860-0500 - Salisbury, MD

CMT FiltersFilters, cavity, waveguide duplexers and filter-based assemblies
916-631-4363 - Pollock Pines, CA

Coaxial DynamicsLowpass filters, wattmeters, attenuators, cable assemblies, loads, signl samplers
1-800-COAXIAL / Middleburg Heights, OH

CoilcraftRF, power inductors, EMI/RFI filter products, xDSL magnetics, transformers.
800-322-2645 - Cary, IL

Coleman MicrowaveFilters, diplexers, low pass, band reject, band pass, waveguide, coaxial, harmonic
800-563-3449 - Edinburg, VA

CommsAuditRF filters, multicouplers, receivers, subsystems, switching matrix, to 60 GHz
+44 (0)124 225 3131 - Cheltenham, England

Communications & Energy CorpFilters, CATV, MATV, SMATV, CCTV, microwave, antennas, combiners.
800-882-1587 - East Syracuse, NY

Continental Microwave - CobhamSwitch filter assemblies, antennas, switches, attenuators, PIN-diode
603-775-5200 - Exeter, NH

Corry MicronicsFilters, cavity, dielectric resonator, LC, VCOs, PLLs, diplexers & multiplexers
724-940-7556 - Corry, PA

CTS CorporationFilters, ceramic duplexers, IF filters, terminators, VCO's, VCXO's, VCSO's
574-293-7511 - Elkhart, IN

Delta MicrowaveFilters, diplexers, multiplexers, filter amplifiers, power combiners, waveguides
805-240-1044 - Oxnard, CA

Eastern Wireless TeleComm, Inc RF & Microwave filters, duplexers, multiplexers to 40 GHz
410-749-3800 - Salisbury, MD

Emicon CorporationFilters, coils, powerline, signal line, EMI, low pass, and inductors.
915-590-0795 - El Paso, TX

EMR CorporationFilters, band pass & band reject, cavity ferrite, duplexers, combiners, isolators
800-796-2875 - Phoenix, AZ

EPCOS - TDKFerrite diplexers, capacitors, SAW's, inductors, EMC components
800-689-3717 / Iselin, NJ

Eyal Microwave IndustryRF distribtion, limiters, power dividers, phase shifters, switched bank filters
972-9-7493184 / Israel

Filtek, IncFilters, bandpass, bandstop, lowpass, highpass, power dividers, beam formers
520-398-2856 - Tubac, AZ

FiltelCouplers, power dividers, isolators, coaxial & waveguide circulators.
450-455-6082 - Canada

FiltroneticsFilters, IF/RF/Microwave, EMI, LC, crystal, ceramic, SAW, TCXOs, VCXOs
816-231-7375 - Kansas City, MO

Filtronic Solid State - TeledyneYIG filters, YIG oscillators, BAW delay lines, transceivers, synthesizers
650-962-6944 - Mountain View, CA

FSY Microwave - SpectrumRF & microwave filters, LC, cavity, ceramic, waveguide
888-553-7531 - Columbia, MD

Guided Wave TechnologyFilter Software
Coupling Matrix Synthesis

+45 20 88 58 30 - Denmark

Hittite Microwave CorpMultiplexers & deMultiplexers, amplifiers, LNA's, low power, modules, SMT
978-250-3343 / Chelmsford, MA

ILSI AmericaFilters, crystal, saw, crystals, oscillators, VCXO, VCO, TCXO, TCVCXO, OCXO
888-355-4574 - Reno, NV

Integrated MicrowaveBandpass, highpass, lowpass filters, ceramic resonators.
619-259-2600 - San Diego, CA

Johanson TechnologyCeramic filters, diplexers, inductors, capacitors, couplers, LTCC chip antennas
805-389-1166 - Camarillo, CA

Companies "K to Q"

K&L MicrowaveFilters, cavity, LC, SMT, suspended substrates, tuneable, waveguide.
410-749-2424 - Salisbury, MD

KDI-Triangle - Aeroflex Filters, bandpass, lowpass, bandreject, duplexer, triplexer & multiplexer
973-887-8100 - Whippany, NJ

KMWFilters, duplexers, combiner, dividers, amplifiers, attenuators, couplers
800-832-0569 - Cerritos, CA

KR FiltersDiplexers, filters - lowpass - highpass - bandpass, linear, phase matched, video
732-636-1900 / Avenel, NJ

Lark EngineeringFilters, bandpass, lowpass, highpass, cavity, LC, SMT, diplexers.
949-240-1233 - San Juan Capistrano, CA

L-com Global ConnectivityFilters, bandpass, cavity, diplexers, signal, splitters
800-341-5266 - North Andover, MA

Linwave Technology LtdFilters, bandpass, gain equalizers, SATCOM, SSPA, switched filter banks
+44 1522 681811 - Lincoln, UK

Lorch MicrowaveFilters, cavity, waveguide, discrete, tunable, ceramic, wireless, tubular
800-780-2169 - Salisbury, MD

LUXCONN TechnologyFilters, Cavity, dielectric resonator, waveguide, power dividers, couplers
82-2-2026-7500 - Seoul, Korea

Maruwa AmericaEMI filters, ceramic capacitors, multilayer ceramic substrates, thin-film substrates,
310-792-1105 - Torrance, CA

Maxim Integrated ProductsAnalog filters and switches, amplifiers, comparators, multiplexers, oscillators
800-998-9872 - Sunnyvale, CA

MCLIFilters, combline, interdigital,couplers, circulators, hybrids, attenuators
800-333-6254 - St. Petersburg, FL

Meca ElectronicsPower dividers, combiners, couplers, hybrids, isolators, circulators
866-444-6322 / Denville, NJ

Mercury Electronics, IncCrystal filters, oscillators, VCXO, TCXO, OCXO, GPS frequency references
909-466-0427 / Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Merrimac Industries - CranePower dividers, filters, mixers, couplers, phase shifters, delay lines
973-575-1300 / West Caldwell, NJ

MicroAxiomFilters, cavity, combline, interdigital, lumped element, switch filter banks
888-407-9626 - Poway,CA

Microphase CorpMultiplexers, filters, DLVA's, multipliers, detectors, limiters, integrated assemblies
203-866-8000 / Norwalk, CT

Micro Communications, Inc.Waveguide diplexers, combiners, filters, power dividers, directional couplers
800-545-1633 / Merrimack, NH

MicroLab/FXRFilters, low pass, bandpass, highpass, attenuators, bias tees, couplers
973-992-7700 - Livingston, NJ

Microwave Components and SystemsFilters, waveguide power combiners, multiplexers, couplers
508-466-8400 - Northlborough, MA

Microwave Filter Company, IncFilters, HP, LP, BS, BR, multiplexer, tunable notch, high power, subminiature
800-448-1666 - East Syracuse, NY

MicrowavefiltersFilters, cavity, diplexers, adapters, couplers, circulators, flanges
+39(0)292162703 - Milan, Italy

Microwave Resources, Inc Waveguide filters, amplifiers, attenuators, couplers, circulators, isolators, switches
909-627-4125 - Chino, CA

Mini-CircuitsFilters, coax, SMT, LTCC, ceramic resonator, bandpass, low pass, high pass
718-934-4500  - Brooklyn, NY

MtronPTICrystal filters monolithic and discrete, LC, resonator, OCXOs, TCXOs, VCXOs
800-762-8800 - Yankton, SD

Murata ElectronicsEMI filters, antenna/duplexers, chip dielectric, SMT capacitors, delay lines
800-241-6574 - Smyrna, GA

Narda Microwave East -- L-3Filters, bandpass, notch, duplexers, multiplexers, filter couplers, switches
631-231-1700 / Hauppauge, NY

NTK TechnologiesFilters, diplexers, Packages - LTCC, LCC, CPGA, AlN, CGFP, FP, thin film, flip chip
408-727-5180 - Santa Clara, CA

OmniyigFilters, YIG, band reject, bandpass, Yig oscillators, multipliers, detectors
408-988-0843 - Santa Clara, CA

PanasonicSAW filters, SMT capacitors, couplers, duplexers, transformers, inductors
201-348-7000 - Secaucus, NJ

Picosecond Pulse LabsLow-pass filters, amplifiers, drivers, attenuators, baluns, transformers
303-443-1249 - Boulder, CO

Planar Monolithics IndustriesFilters, cavity, combline, diplexers, interdigital, switch filter banks
301-662-5019 - Frederick, MD

Pole ZeroModular digitally tuned RF filters and preselectors.
513-870-9060 - West Chester, OH

Q MicrowaveFilters, cavity, ceramic resonator and puck, combline, Lumped Element
619-258-7322 - El Cajon, CA

Quasar - Waveguide Solution Filters, diplexers, flexible and rigid waveguides, flanges
+44 (0) 1626 835255 - UK

Companies "R to Z"

ReactelFilters, ceramic, interdigital, combline, tubular, waveguide, diplexers
301-519-3660 / Gaithersburg, MD

Renaissance ElectronicsDuplexers, combiners, amplifiers, coaxial switches, ferrite devices, oscillators
978-772-7774 / Harvard, MA

RF-LambdaFilters, cavity, tubular, notch, waveguide, duplexers, multiplexers, combiners
613-592-6858 / Canada

RF Microwave Design LtdDiplexers, filters and antennas designed and tested
+44 (0)1626 835269 / UK

RFMwD - Waveguide SolutionFilters, diplexers, custom and standard, development and validation service
+44 (0)1626 835269 - UK

RF Monolithics, Inc.- RFMFilters, SAW's, narrow band RF & IF, RFIC and SAW based radios, RF modules
800-704-6079 - Dallas, TX

RLC ElectronicsFilters, cavity, ceramic resonator, SMT, combline, tubular, couplers, switches
914-241-1334 - Mount Kisco, NY

RS MicrowaveFilters, cavity, switched filter bank, LC, notch, multiplexers, printed circuit,
201-492-1207 / Butler, NJ

RTx Technology Co., LtdFilters, cavity, ceramic, duplexers, multiplexers, SAW's, VCOs & PLLs
+82-31-743-6275 - South Korea

Sage Labs - SpectrumPower dividers, couplers, hybrids, filters, rotary joints, mixers, phase shifters.
508-653 0844 - Natick, MA

Salisbury Engineering - Spectrum Filters, tuners, custom integrated microwave assemblies, synthesizers
888-553-7531 - Delmar, DE

Samsung Electro MechanicsCeramic filters, Saw filters, VCOs, and TCXOs
408-544-5262 / San Jose, CA

Sawtek - TriQuintRF and IF filters and duplexers, bluetooth, base stations, GPS.
503-615-9000 - Hillsboro, OR

Spectrum Control, IncFilters, cavity, ceramic, LC, tubular, SAW, suspended substrate, waveguide
866-281-0989 - Fairview, PA

Syfer TechnologySMD and thru-hole EMI filters and EMI Power Filters SMT and panel mount
+44 1603 723300 / Norfolk, Suffolk,  England

Tai-Saw TechnologyRF, IF, crystal filters, SAW filters, crystal resonators, crystal oscillators
886-3-4690038 - Taiwan

TDKFilters, inductors, transformers, delay lines, RF components, RF modules
516-535-2600 - Garden City, NY

Teledyne KW MicrowaveFilters, multiplexers, diplexers, multipliers, switch filters, subsystems
858-842-2993 - Poway, CA

TELSAFilters, cavity combiners, duplexers, auto tuned bandpass, band reject, notch
+390354876000 - Osio sotto (BG) Italy

Tiger Microwave CorporationFilters, cavity, tubular, bandpass, lowpass, highpass
86-28-62811638 - Chengdu, China

Token Passive ComponentsCeramic resonators, filters, dielectric patch antennas, resistors.<
+886-2-2981 0109 - Taiwan

Toko AmericaFilters, dielectric, LC, coils, baluns, inductors, transformers, chip inductors
847-297-0070 - Mt. Prospect, IL

Trans-TechResonators, bandpass filters, garnets, ferrites, dielectrics, substrates.
301-695-9400 - Adamstown, MD

TrilithicAttenuators, filters, switches, terminations, emergency alert systems.
800-344-2412 - Indianapolis, IN

Triquint SemiconductorRF and IF filters and duplexers, bluetooth, base stations, GPS.
503-615-9000 - Hillsboro, OR

TTEFilters, bandpass, lowpass, highpass, diplexers, multiplexers, transformers
800-776-7614 - Los Angeles, CA

TusonixEMI/RFI filters, surface mount EMI filters, filtered terminal blocks, custom EMI filter
520-744-0400 - Tucson, AZ

Ultra-Crea OyFilters from 10 MHz to 6 GHz, bandpass, crossband coupler/combiner
+358 50 444 9100 - Finland

US Microwavesthin film circuits and components, multi-chip modules, optoelectronics
408-970-9680 / Santa Clara, CA

UTE Microwave, IncCirculators, isolators, ISO-adapters, filters
732-922-1009 / Asbury Park, NJ

Vanlong TechnologySAW resonators, SAW filters, ceramic products, oscillators.
262-534-2888 - Rochester, WI

Vectron InternationalSAW filters, crystal filters, LC filters, oscillators, timing modules
888-328-7661 - Hudson, NH

Ventronics USADiodes, crystals, oscillators, filters, switches, EMI filters, inductors
908-272-9262 / Kenilworth, NJ

Wainwright InstrumentsFilters, lowpass, highpass, bandpass, notch filters, diplexers & multiplexers.
+49 (0) 8152-918230 - Germany