Companies "A to G"

Advanced Linear Devices IncMOSFET's, N-channel enhancement mode, P-channel, CMOS op amps
408-747-1155 / Sunnyvale, CA

Advanced Microdevices (AMD)Microprocessors, memory, servers, graphic cards, motherboards, gaming
800-538-8450 / Sunnyvale, CA

Advanced Semiconductor, IncBipolar, enhancement mode & LDMOS FET's, transistors packaged
800-423-2354 / North Hollywood, CA
888-641-SEMI (7364) / Sunnyvale, CA

AlteraFPGAs, ASICs, embedded processor solutions, CPLDs.
408-544-6409 / San Jose, CA

AMI - ON SemiconductorFET's, diodes, IC's, mixed-signal, sensor interface, wireless, transceivers
800-639-7264 / Pocatello, ID

Amplifiers, fiber optic transimpedance, PAs, gain blocks, line amps, drop amps.
908-668-5000 - Warren, NJ

Analog DevicesOp amps, direct conversion RFIC (800 MHz to 2.7 GHz), simulation software
800-262-5643 / Norwood, MA

APEX Microtechnology - Cirrus LogicLinear amplifiers, power boosters, motion controllers, PWM amplifiers
520-690-8600 / Tucson, AZ

Atmel CorpICs, ASICs, memory, microcontrollers, network storage, programmable logic
800-365-3375 / San Jose, CA

Broadcom CorpIC's for Bluetooth, cable, cellular, data/telecom networks, DSL, VoIP
949-926-5000 / Irvine, CA

Burr-Brown - Texas InstrumentsFET's, IC's - Op amps, switches, A/D, D/A, S&H.
800-548-6132 / Tucson, AZ

California Eastern LabsGaAs FETs, Silicon LD-MOSFETs, Bipolar discretes, power amplifiers, switches
408-986-5060 / Santa Clara, CA

Celeritek - Mimix BroadbandGaAs FETs, power amplifiers, fiber optic modulators
408-986-5060 / Santa Clara, CA

Champion Microelectronic CorpMOSFET's, PFC diodes, PFC/PWM controller. LDO regulator
+1-408-985-1898 / San Jose, CA

CMD - ON SemiconductorMOSFETs, IGBT's, bipolars, discretes, IC's, amplifiers, switches, EMI filters
800-743-7826 / Phoenix, AZ

888-855-4562 / Red Bank, NJ

Cypress Semiconductor CorpCommunications IC's, PROMs, MEMS, microcontroller, logic, timing devices
800-858-1810 / San Jose, CA

972-371-4000 / Dallas, TX

DiGiZigBee & RF and point to multi-point and satellite and cryptographic modules
952-912-3444 / Minnetonka, MN

Diodes, Inc.FET, MOSFET's, diodes, transistors. bipolar, SCR, thyristor, triac, Schottky
972-987-3900 / Plano, TX

888-468-3774 / Milpitas, CA

Excelics SemiconductorGallium Arsenide GaAs FETs, PHEMTs, IMFETs, MMICs, low noise, high power
408-737-1711 / Sunnyvale, CA

Fairchild SemiconductorMOSFETs, IGBTs, diodes and rectifiers, optocouplers, RF components
800-341-0392 / South Portland, ME

Fuji Semiconductor MOSFETs, IGBTs, Driver ICs (CMOS) MOSFET, Schottky barrier - single - dual
732-560-9410 / North Piscataway, NJ

FujitsuSoC IC's, ASIC's, DAC's, foundry services, PLL's, RF transceivers
408-215-6500 / Sunnyvale, CA

Companies "H to Q"

HexawaveGaAs MESFET's, GaAs power MESFET's, GaAs MMIC switches, MESFET chips
+886-3-5785100 / Hsinchu, Taiwan

Infineon TechnologiesMOSFET's - biased & unbiased, GaAs diodes & transistors, MMIC's, PIN's
+1 866 951 9519 / Milpitas, CA

International RectifierHEXFET power MOSFETs, IGBT, discrete diodes, bridges, thyristors
800-981-8699 / El Segundo, CA

IntersilPower MOSFET drivers, switching regulation, linear regulation, DSP ICs
888-352-6832 / Milpitas, CA

Ixys CorpMOSFET, IGBT, discrete diodes, GaAs, rectifier, & Schottky diodes
408-982-0700 / Santa Clara, CA

Lansdale SemiconductorDiscontinued IC's from AMD, Fairchild, Harris, Motorola/Freescale, Raytheon
602-438-0123 / Tempe, AZ

Lattice SemiconductorFPGA, CPLD, clock generators, power and digital management
503-268-8000 / Hillsboro, OR

Linear SystemsMOSFETs, JFET's, Bipolars, DMOS switches, low leakage diodes
800-359-4023 / Fremont, CA

Linear TechnologySchottky peak detectors, comparators, filters, op-amps, oscillators, synthisizers
800-454-6327 / Milpitas, CA

(M/A-COM) - CobhamGaAs diodes, GaAs MMIC's, power amplifiers, integrated modules
+1 (877) 262-4267 / Lowell, MA

MA-COM Technology SolutionsDMOS, LDMOS, TMOS, GaN, bipolar transistors, Mimix amps, components
+1.978.656.2500 / Lowell, MA

Maxim Integrated ProductsMOSFET drivers & controllers, DC-DC switchers, comparators, regulators
800-998-9872 / Sunnyvale, CA

MelexisNFET half bridge, driver actuator ICs, Hall effect, RF, IR, opto sensors, RFID
603-223-2362 / Concord, NH

MicrelMOSFET drivers, current limiting switch, high speed logic, power supplies
800-401-9572 / San Jose, CA

MicrochipMOSFET gate drivers, digital signal controllers, controller op amps, regulators
800-437-2767 / Chandler, AZ

MicroMetrics - Aeroflex / MetelicsSchottky, PIN, step recovery diodes, thin film resistors, capacitors, circuits
888-641-7364 / Londonderry, NH

MicroSemiMOSFET, IGBT, JFET, Schottky, rectifiers, germanium, bridges, solar array diodes
800-713-4113 / Irvine, CA

Microwave Technology Inc.GaAs MESFETs, GaN, low noise pHEMT, HBT amplifiers, MMIC amplifiers, Gunn's
+1 (510) 651 6700 / Fremont, CA

847-576-5000 / Schaumburg, IL

National SemiconductorMOSFET controllers, LDOs, & DC-DC modules, RF detectors, amplifiers, PLL's
800-272-9959 / Santa Clara, CA

ON SemiconductorBipolar power transistors, IGBTs, MOSFETs, rectifiers, diodes, thyristors
602-244-6600 / Phoenix, AZ

PanasonicMOSFET's, JFET's, Bipolars, Multi-chip devices, GaAs modules, Opto devices
602-244-6600 / Phoenix, AZ

Philips - NXP SemiconductorsMOSFET's, bipolars, discrete diodes, DC motor drivers, RF signal amplification
800-447-1500 / Sunnyvale, CA

PMC-SierraVoIP devices, MIPS based processors, Laser chips, Fiber channel transceivers
408-239-8000 / Santa Clara, CA

Polyfet RF DevicesPower RF MOSFET's, LDMOS, VDMOS, GaN, Transistors and Modules
805-484-4210 / Camarillo, CA

Companies "R to Z"

Renesas Power MOSFETs, IGBTs, diodes, GaAs PA IC's, Thyristors & Triacs, RF ICs
919-342-7099 / Cary, NC

RFHICE-pHEMPT 50 and 75 ohm MMIC's, GaAs, GaN transistors, CATV hybrid amplifiers
919-342-7099 / Cary, NC

RFMDIC's — cellular, WLAN, Bluetooth® wireless, GPS and infrastructure
336-664-1233 / Greensboro, NC

RohmAC/DC converters, ultra high-speed diodes, multimedia image processors
800-883-5226 / San Diego, CA

Samsung SemiconductorMemory, TFT LCD modules, SoC, SiP, microcontrollers.
408-544-4000 / San Jose, CA

SemelabRF MOSFETs, DMOS, LDMOS, VDMOS, silicon carbide, multiple package sizes
+44(0)1455 552505 / Leicestershire, UK

SemikronPower MOSFETs, IGBT's, dual IGBT drivers, modules, systems
+1 60 38 83 81 02 / Hudson, NH

+41 22 929 29 29 / GENEVA, Switzerland

Silicon Devices (UK) LimitedVCO modules, ZigBee RF front-ends, ISM, RFID, power amps, PLL's
+64 7 574 2894 / UK

Silicon InvestigationsIC reverse engineering, recovery of program code
920-968-0268 / Appleton, WI

Silicon Storage Technology (SST)ROM/RAM combo products, embedded flash microcontroller products
408-735-9110 / Sunnyvale, CA

Solitron DevicesN & P channel MOSFET's, IGBT's, Bipolar, JFET's, drivers & controllers
561-848-4311 / West Palm Beach, FL

STMicroelectronicsSemiconductors, analog & mixed signal ICs, power management ICs, transistors
+41 22 929 29 29 / GENEVA, Switzerland

Summit SemiconductorDesign for SiGe and GaAs IC's for RF, microwave & millimeter-wave app's
310-980-3039 / Fullerton, CA

Texas InstrumentsIC amplifiers, DSP's.
800-477-8924 / Dallas, TX

Toko AmericaFilters, baluns, amplifiers, inductors, semiconductors, A/D converters
847-297-0070 / Mt. Prospect, IL

Torex SemiconductorPower MOSFET's, CMOS , PIN diodes, voltage regulators, DC / DC converters
949-261-2022 / Irvine, CA

Triquint SemiconductorDiscrete MESFETs, LDMOS, GaAs MMIC's, amplifiers, RFID, SAW filters
503-615-9000 / Hillsboro, OR

United Technologies - AeroflexRadHard ASICs, databuses, LVDS, logic, microcontrollers, transceivers
800-645-8862 / Colorado Springs, CO

US MicrowavesMMICs, LDOs, attenuators, diodes, substrates, capacitors, couplers, filters
408-970-9680 / Santa Clara, CA

WIN Semiconductors CorpHBT/phEMT/mHEMT, 6" GaAs MMIC wafers, HBT, HEMT, foundry service
310-530-8485 / Torrance, CA

800-951-4401 / San Jose, CA

XilinxDigital programmable logic device (PLD), FPGA and CPLD products and design
800-888-FPGA / San Jose, CA

Zarlink SemiconductorAnalog switches, laser diode driver, amplifiers, demodulators, optoelectronic
613-592 0200 / Canada