Companies "A to K"

Acewave TechnologyPower dividers, couplers, PIN diode switch, PIN attenuators
82-32-831-0401-2 / Incheon, Korea

Aeroflex / Inmet, IncDividers, couplers, fixed attenuators to 50 GHz, values 0-60 dB, power to 300W
888-244-6638 / Ann Arbor, MI

Aeroflex / Weinschel, IncDividers, attenuators, connectors, power splitters, phase shifters, terminations,
800-638-2048 / Frederick, MD

Aircom MicrowavePower dividers, detectors, couplers, attenuators, bends, loads, phase shifters
978-544-8225 / Orange, MA

AKONPower dividers, equalizers, converters, discriminators, switch filter banks
408-432-8039 / San Jose, CA

AnarenPower dividers, couplers, attenuators, splitters, combiners, baluns, mixers
800-544-2414 / East Syracuse, NY

ARRAPower dividers, adapters, attenuators, combiners, line stretchers, phase shifters
516-231-8400 / Bay Shore, NY

Barth Electronics, Incpower dividers, attenuators, voltage probes, pulse generators
702-293-1576 / Boulder City, NV

Blueline Engineering CorpDividers, couplers, amplifiers, equalizers, DLVA's, Log IF, switched filters
203-838-8296 / Norwalk, CT

BroadWave TechnologiesPower combiners, dividers, couplers, adapters, adapters, attenuators
317-346-6101 / Franklin, IN

CernexDividers, couplers, filters, oscillators, switches, phase shifters, terminations
408-541-9226 / Sunnyvale, CA

Channel MicrowaveIsolators, circulators, ISO-adapters, filters, assemblies, terminations
805-482-7280 / Camarillo, CA

Ciao WirelessAmplifiers, LNAs, octave, multi-octave, broadband, limiters, combiners, filters
805-389-3224 / Camarillo, CA

Connecticut MicrowaveDirectional couplers, circulators, diodes, detectors, filters, terminations, adapters
203-250-9678 / Cheshire, CT

Corry MicronicsPower dividers, directional couplers, filters, VCOs, PLLs, hybrids, diplexers
724-940-7556 / Corry, PA

Custom Microwave Components, IncPower dividers, combiners, couplers, attenuators, phase shifters, limiters
510-651-3434 / Fremont, CA

Electromagnetic TechnologiesPower dividers, phase shifters, directional couplers, beam formers
973-394-1719 / Boonton, NJ

Federal Custom CablePower dividers, directional couplers, adapters, connectors, cable assemblies
888-440 8688 / Irvine, CA

FiltelPower dividers, couplers, isolators, coaxial & waveguide circulators
450-455-6082 / Canada

G.T. MicrowavePower dividers, combiners, couplers, detectors, attenuators, phase shifters
973-361-5700 / Randolph, NJ

Hittite Microwave CorpAmplifiers, attenuators, mixers, modulators, prescalers, switches, VCOs.
978-250-3343 / Chelmsford, MA

Jampro Antennas / RF SystemsAntennas, combiners, diplexers, filters, waveguide products
916-383-1177 / Sacramento, CA

Johanson TechnologyLTCC chip antennas, ceramic filters, inductors, capacitors, couplers, laser trim
805-389-1166 / Camarillo, CA

Companies "L to Q"

LUXCONN TechnologyPower dividers, directional couplers, power splitters, terminators, duplexers
82-2-2026-7500 / Seoul, Korea

KrytarDividers, couplers, combiners, hybrids, detectors, terminations, power meters
877-734-5999 / Sunnyvale, CA

Marki MicrowaveDividers, doublers, amplifiers, converters, couplers, mixers
408-778-4200 / Morgan Hill, CA

Maury MicrowaveAdapters, cable assemblies, connectors, noise sources, terminations, waveguide
909-987-4715 / Ontario, CA

MCLIPower dividers, couplers, waveguide, attenuators, switches, terminations
800-333-6254 / St. Petersburg, FL

Merrimac IndustriesPower dividers, combiners, mixers, couplers, phase shifters, delay lines
201-575-1300 / West Caldwell, NJ

MicroLab/FXRPower dividers, splitters, attenuators, bias tees, couplers, terminations, filters
973-992-7700 / Livingston, NJ

MicroneticsAttenuators, limiters, phase shifters, switches, voltage controlled oscillators
603-883-2900 / Hudson, NH

Microtech, IncWaveguide rotary joints, bends, straight, twists, adapters, couplers, terminations
203-272-3234 / Cheshire, CT

Microwave Components & SystemsPower combiners, couplers, hybrids, terminations, transitions
508-480-0106 / Marlboro, MA

Microwave DevicesAttenuators, terminators, directional couplers, filters, isolators/circulators
888-736-8837 / Franklin, IN

Mid-Atlantic RF Systems, IncRF power dividers, amplifiers, hybrids, couplers, synthesizers
410-893-2430 / Forest Hill, MD

Mini-CircuitsPower combiners, couplers, attenuators, mixers, amplifiers, filters, transformers
718-934-4500 / Brooklyn, NY

MiteqPower dividers, amplifiers, attenuators, mixers, switches, frequency synthesizers
631-436-7400 / Hauppauge, NY

NanowaveDividers, attenuators, couplers, circulators, isolators, terminations
+82-43-903-4828 / South Korea

NewWave Technology, IncDividers, directional couplers, attenuators, connectors, terminations
82-32-661-0077/ Korea

NTK TechnologiesCeramic couplers, filters, diplexers, ceramic packages - LTCC, flip chip
408-727-5180 / Santa Clara, CA

PanasonicPower dividers, SMT capacitors, couplers, attenuators, transformers
201-348-7000 / Secaucus, NJ

PasternackPower dividers, attenuators, couplers, circulators, isolators, terminations
866-727-8376 / Irvine, CA

Planar Monolithics IndustriesHybrid and monolithic integrated circuits (MIC/MMIC), hybrid MIC/MMIC
301-662-5019 / Frederick, MD

Princeton Microwave Technology IncPower dividers, oscillators, DRO, PLDRO, YIG, phase shifters
609-586-8140 / Mercerville, NJ

Pulse Research LabRF power dividers, splitters, clock sources, switches
310-515-5330 / Torrance, CA

Quasar - Waveguide SolutionPower splitters, couplers, filters, diplexers, waveguides, flanges
+44 (0) 1626 835255 / UK

Companies "R to Z"

RadiallAttenuators, couplers, detectors, terminations, adapters, connectors
203-380-9800 / Stratford, CT

RaditekCouplers, combiners, hybrids, isolators, circulators, oscillators, terminations
408-266-7404 / San Jose, CA

Renaissance ElectronicsDividers & combiners, isolators, circulators, switches, switch matrices
978-772-7774 / Harvard, MA

RF & Noise ComponentsDividers and power monitors, circulators, isolators, combiners, couplers
+44 (0) 5601 06 69 30 / Essex, UK

RF-LambdaDividers, couplers, circulators, isolators, attenuators, coupler, power amplifiers
613-592-6858 / Canada

RFHIC Corporation USADirectional couplers, CATV hybrid line amplifiers, MMIC's, GaN transistors
919-342-7099 / Cary, NC

RF Power Components - AnarenPower dividers, couplers, modulators, mixers, terminations, attenuators
800-544-2414 / East Syracuse, NY

RF Power SystemsTransformers, splitters & combiners, Wilkinson splitters & combiners
623-376-7720 / Peoria, AZ

RLC ElectronicsPower dividers, couplers, filters, switches, attenuators, terminations
914-241-1334 / Mount Kisco, NY

Sage Labs - Spectrum MicrowavePower dividers, couplers, hybrids, filters, mixers, phase shifters
508-653 0844 / Natick, MA

SHF Communication TechnologiesPower dividers, adapters, connectors, phase shifters
+49-30-772-051-23 / Germany

SRTechnologyPower dividers, terminations, attenuators, adaptors, connectors, directional couplers
82 32 323 3016 / South Korea

Suncoast Microwave, IncWaveguide components including flexible, terminations, adapters, couplers
727-573-1280 / Clearwater, FL

Synergy MicrowavePower dividers, attenuators, couplers, filters, SAW's, mixers, switches
973-881-8800 / Paterson, NJ

Taylor Microwave, IncPower dividers, attenuators, couplers, hybrids, switches, phase shifters
973-890-7763 / Clifton, NJ

TELSAPower splitters, antennas, combiners, directional couplers, circulators, filters
+390354876000 / Osio sotto (BG) Italy

US MicrowavesThin film circuits, thin film components, semiconductors, multi-chip modules
408-970-9680 / Santa Clara, CA

Vector Telecom Pty LtdWaveguide components and assemblies, coaxial components and antennas
+61 3 9607 8357 / Melbourne , Australia

Waveline, IncDividers, combiners, PIN diode switches, attenuators, phase shifters, couplers
973-226-9100 / Fairfield, NJ

WerlatoneDirectional couplers, combiners, dividers, transformers
914-279-6187 / Brewster, NY

Wisewave Technologies - Ducommun Power dividers, amplifiers, attenuators, couplers, phase shifters
310-513-7200Carson, CA