Companies "A to I"

Advanced Semiconductor Inc Schottky barrier diodes, mixers, bipolar, LDMOS FET, transistors
800-423-2354 / North Hollywood, CA

Aeroflex / MetelicsSchottky, GaAs, silicon, PIN, step recovery diodes, phase detectors
408-737-8181 / Sunnyvale, CA

AMI Semiconductor - ON SemiIntegrated mixed-signal, Schottky diodes, voltage, phase detectors
800-639-7264 / Pocatello, ID

AvagoSchottky diodes, mixed-signal, voltage detector, directional detectors
1-800-235-0312 / San Joseo, CA

California Micro Devices - ON Semi Schottky diodes, voltage, frequency & phase detectors
800-325-4966 / Milpitas, CA

Chipcon - Texas InstrumentsRF amplifiers, transceivers and transmitters, detectors and sensors
972-644-5580 / Dallas, TX

Conexant - SkyworksDirectional detectors, power detectors, RF detectors, sampling phase detectors
888-855-4562 / Red Bank, NJ

CrystekRF power detector, attenuators, connectors, filters, cable assemblies
1-800-237-3061 / Fort Myers, FL

Cypress Semiconductor CorpDetectors and sensors, timing devices, PROMs, MEMS & data communications
800-858-1810 / San Jose, CA

Dallas Semiconductor - MaximRF ICs for wireless, ASICs, comparators, detectors, sensors and conditioners
972-371-4000 / Dallas, TX

Digital MicrowaveDetectors, RF design and consulting
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619-892-7341 / Chula Vista, CA

Elantec - IntersilAnalog and digital semiconductors, diodes, voltage detection/sensors
888-468-3774 / Milpitas, CA

Fairchild SemiconductorAnalog and mixed signal processing, diodes, rectifiers, LEDs, RF components
800-341-0392 / South Portland, ME

HerotekZero bias and biased Schottky, tunnel diode, limiter-protected diodes
+1-408-941-8399 / San Jose, CA

HittiteDetectors, logarithmic, RMS, analog and mixed signal, limiting amplifiers
978-250-3343 / Chelmsford, MA

Infineon TechnologiesSilicon Schottky, signal detection, power leveling, mixer, sensors, RF IC's
+1-866-951-9519 / Milpitas, CA

IntersilDetectors, frequency, peak voltage, phase, photo, zero crossing detectors
888-352-6832 / Milpitas, CA

Ixys CorpMOSFET discretes, GaAs, rectifier, Schottky diodes, power semiconductors
408-457-9000 / Milpitas, CA

Companies "J to O"

KrytarZero bias Schottky diodes, planar doped barrier diodes, directional detectors
408-734-5999 / Sunnyvale, CA

Linear TechnologyRF power detectors, A/D, D/A converters, software design devices, op-amps
800-454-6327 / Milpitas, CA

M/A-COM - CobhamRF diodes, transistors, microwave, mmwave semiconductors, substrates
800-366-2266 / Lowell, MA

Maxim Integrated ProductsLinear and mixed-signal IC's, RTCs, clocks, oscillators, delays, fiber optic ICs
800-998-9872 / Sunnyvale, CA

MelexisSensors, hall effect, RF, RFID, IR, opto, pressure, bus, telecommunications
603-223-2362 / Concord, NH

Merrimac IndustriesDetectors, delay lines, power dividers, attenuators, couplers, phase shifters
201-575-1300 - West Caldwell, NJ

Metelics - AeroflexSchottky, GaAs, silicon, PIN, step recovery diodes, phase detectors
408-737-8181 / Sunnyvale, CA

MicrelDifferential phase-frequency detector, fault detector, voltage detector
800-401-9572 / San Jose, CA

MicrochipFault detectors, voltage detectors, op amps, programmable gain amplifiers
800-437-2767 / Chandler, AZ

MicrophaseRF detectors, Schottky barrier, biased, zero biased, linear, tunnel diode, limiters
800-713-4113 / Irvine, CA

MicroSemiEMI filters, PIN diodes, opto, TVS diodes, voltage regulators
800-713-4113 / Irvine, CA

Microwave DevicesDetectors, SMA, 2.4mm, 2.92mm, 3.5mm, drop-in, Schottky barrier, directional
317-736-8833 / Franklin, IN

Mini-CircuitsRF detectors, adaptors, attenuators, cable assemblies, DC blocks
718-934-4500 - Brooklyn, NY

MotorolaAutomotive, cellular, mobile

847-576-5000 / Schaumburg, IL

M-Pulse MicrowaveDetectors, Schottky barrier, biased, zero bias, ring quads, bridge, directional
408-432-1480 / San Jose, CA

National SemiconductorRF power detectors, differential amplifiers, RFIC's, temperature sensors
800-272-9959 / Santa Clara, CA

ON SemiconductorSchottky diodes, bipolar transistors, MOSFETs, rectifiers, integrated passive
602-244-6600 / Phoenix, AZ

Companies "P to Z"

Philips - NXP SemiconductorsSchottky diodes, amplifiers, JFET's, MOSFET's, RF transistors
800-447-1500 / Sunnyvale, CA

Polyfet RF DevicesStrickly high power RF MOSFETs, LDMOS, VDMOS, GaN transistors
805-484-4210 / Camarillo, CA

RenesasSchottky diodes, power detection, mixer, high speed switching, RF transistors
408-588-6000 / Santa Clara, CA

RF-LambdaPower & voltage detectors, IC's, cellular, infrastructure, GPS, WLAN
972-767-5998 / Plano, TX

RFMDPower & voltage detectors, IC's, cellular, infrastructure, GPS, WLAN,
336-664-1233 / Greensboro, NC

RohmVoltage detectors, low voltage, IC's w/flexible delays, built in counter timer
800-883-5226 / San Diego, CA

SkyworksRF detectors, Schottky diode, power and directional, amplifiers, transceivers
781-376-3000 / Woburn, MA

STMicroelectronicsSchottky barrier diodes, fast switching diodes, mixed signal ICs, ICs, transistors
+41 22 929 29 29 / GENEVA, Switzerland

Texas InstrumentsRF amplifiers, transceivers and transmitters, detectors and sensors
800-477-8924 / Dallas, TX

Torex SemiconductorVoltage detectors, regulators, opamps, temperature sensors, PIN diodes
949-261-2022 / Irvine, CA

Trak MicrowaveBit detectors, logarithmic detectors, voltage detectors, circulator w/detector
888-283-8444 / Tampa, FL

Triquint SemiconductorAmplifiers, FETs, GaAs IC's, transistors, RFID products
503-615-9000 / Hillsboro, OR

US MicrowavesZero bias Schotky diodes, attenuators, tunnel diodes, substrates, filters, MMICs
408-970-9680 / Santa Clara, CA

VishaySchotky diodes, detection, circuit protection, voltage clamping, PIN diodes
+1-402-563-6866 / Shelton, CT

WIN Semiconductors CorpFull spectrum HBT/phEMT/mHEMT technologies, GaAs MMIC's
310-530-8485 / Torrance, CA

WJ Communications - TriQuintAmplifiers, FETs, GaAs IC's, mixers, RFIC, RFID reader modules, chipsets, MCM
503-615-9000 / Hillsboro, OR