Companies "A to H"

Advanced Control ComponentsAmplifiers, attenuators, delay lines, limiters, detectors, converters, phase shifters
732-460-0212 - Eatontown, NJ
732-460-0212 / Eatontown, NJ

AFT MicrowaveCirculators, isolators, delay lines, ferrites, phase shifters, thin film technology
+49 7191 9659 0 - Germany

Allen Avionics Inc.Delay lines, analog, digital, audio, general purpose, LC, video filters and equalizers
+1-516-248-8080 - Mineola, NY

ARRAAttenuators, dividers/combiners, delay lines, filters, line stretchers, phase shifters
516-231-8400 - Bay Shore, NY

Astrolab, IncConnectors, adapters, cable assemblies, phase shifters, waveguide, terminations
732-560-3800 - Warren, NJ

CernexAmplifiers, attenuators, couplers, isolators, circulators, delay lines, filters, diplexers
408-541-9226 - Sunnyvale, CA

Custom Microwave Components, IncPIN diode, GaAs FET switches, phase shifters, limiters, power couplers
510-651-3434 - Fremont, CA

Data Delay Devices Inc.Delay lines, analog, digital, audio, variable, monolithic, programmable, pulse, tapped
+1-973-773-2299 - Clifton, NJ

Elmec TechnologyDelay lines, chip, fixed, LTCC, variable, programmable, tapped
650.212.4744 - San Mateo, CA

G.T. MicrowaveAttenuators, detectors, negative\positive gain equalizers, frequency discriminators
973-361-5700 - Randolph, NJ

HerleyAttenuators, modulators, power dividers, oscillators, synthesizers, phase shifters
717-735-8117 - Lancaster, PA

Hittite Microwave CorpAmplifiers, attenuators, frequency multipliers, mixers, modulators, prescalers
978-250-3343 - Chelmsford, MA

Companies "I to Q"

KMWActive multi beam antenna system, filters, attenuators, connectors, phase shifters
800-832-0569 - Cerritos, CA

LexorDelay lines, Commercial and Military, active, passive, video filter, programmable, tapped
+44 (0)1280 845530 - Brackley, UK

Merrimac IndustriesRF delay lines, Power dividers, combiners, attenuators, couplers, phase shifters
201-575-1300 - West Caldwell, NJ

Mica MicrowaveCirculators, isolators, mixers, equalizers, phase shifters.
209-825-3977 - Manteca, CA

MicroneticsTest equipment, attenuators, limiters, VCO's, switches, phase shifters
603-883-2900 - Hudson, NH

Micro-CoaxRF delay lines flexible and rigid, cable, oval, square, cable assemblies, connectors
610-495-0110 - Pottstown, PA

Midwest Microwave -Emerson Attenuators, adapters, equalizers, phase shifters, terminations, DC blocks, couplers
734-429-4773 - Saline, MI

Phoenix CompanyConnectors, coax, blind mate, cable, RF delay lines, D-sub, PCB, filtered, power
630-595-2300 / Wood Dale, IL

Planar MonolithicsLog video amplifiers, detectors, limiters, RF log amps, phase shifters
301-662-5019 - Frederick, MD

Polar EngineeringDelay lines, active, commercial, Mil-Spec, passive, video filter, programmable, tapped
888-340-4872 - Corona, CA

Princeton Microwave Technology, IncOscillators, amplifiers, DRO, PLDRO, phase shifters
609-586-8140 - Mercerville, NJ

Companies "R to Z"

RadiallAdapters, attenuators, connectors, detectors, fiber optic, phase shifters
203-380-9800 - Stratford, CT

Ray Micro DevicesFilters, bias tes, frequency multipliers, phase shifters, DRO's 20-40 GHz
717- 266-8666 - York, PA

RCDDelay lines, active, commercial, Mil-Spec, passive, video filter, programmable, tapped
603-669-0054 - Manchester, NH

Rhombus Industries Inc.Delay lines, active, logic buffered, passive analog, inductors, transformers
714-836-0960 - Santa Ana, CA

Rosenberger NARF delay lines, connectors, cables, cable assemblies, fiber optic, terminations
717-290-8000 / Lancaster, PA

Sage Labs - FiltronicPower dividers, couplers, hybrids, filters, rotary joints, mixers, phase shifters.
508-653 0844 - Natick, MA

SHF Communication TechnologiesAdapters, connectors, phase shifters, DC blocks, monitor tee, power dividers
+49-30-772-051-23 - Germany

Thin Film TechnologyDelay lines, BGA, 3-pin through hole, SMT, SMT chip, single ended & differential
507-625–8445 - North Mankato, MN

Synergy MicrowaveAttenuators, switches, couplers, filters, mixers, phase shifters, VCOs
973-881-8800 - Paterson, NJ

Taylor Microwave, IncAttenuators, directional couplers, hybrids, power dividers, phase shifters
973-890-7763 - Clifton, NJ

Waveline, IncPIN diode components, phase shifters, custom subassemblies, couplers, dividers
973-226-9100 - Fairfield, NJ

Wisewave Technologies - DucommunAmplifiers, attenuators, filters, phase shifters, frequency converters, couplers
310-513-7200 - Carson, CA