Crystal Oscillators


Companies "A to H"

AbraconCrystal ocsillators, ceramic, SAW, dielectric filters, VCXO, TCXO, resonators
949-546-8000 - Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

AXTAL GmbH & Co. KGCrystal oscillators, VCXO, TCXO, OCXO, DOCXO, GPS-OCXO, filters, resonators
+49 (6261)939834 Mosbach - Germany

Bliley TechnologiesCrystal oscillators and resonators
814-838-3571 - Erie, PA

Bomar CrystalCrystal oscillators, quartz crystals, VCXOs and TCXOs
bomarcrystal.com800-526-3935 - Middlesex, NJ

CernexCrystal based oscillators, PLL's, VCO's DRO's, filters, phase shifters
408-541-9226 - Sunnyvale, CA

Commutek Electronics LtdCrystal oscillator devices, quartz crystals
732-698 9933 - East Brunswick, NJ

Connor-WinfieldCrystal oscillators, VCOs, VCXOs, TCXOs, OCXOs, VCSOs, clock oscillators
630-851-4722 - Aurora, IL

Crystek CrystalsCrystals oscillators, XOs, TCXOs, VCXOs, and TCVCXOs, VCO's 50 MHz - 3.5 GHz
800-237-3061 - Ft. Myers, FL

CTS CorporationCrystals oscillators, VCXO's, VCSO's, filters, synthesizer, timing, clock generators
574-293-7511 - Elkhart, IN

dBm CorpCrystal based frequency synthesizers, noise generators, satellite link emulators
973-709-0020 - Wayne, NJ

EcliptekCrystal SMT oscillators, crystals, metal, PCB, ceramic and plastic packages
800-433-1280 - Costa Mesa, CA

EM ResearchCrystal based sources, surface-mount & modular PLO & PLL's
775-345-2411 - Reno, NV

EMF/SPECTRUMCrystal oscillators, VCOs, frequency synthesizers, coaxial resonators, PLL's
814-237-5738 - State College, PA

Emhiser Micro-TechCrystal based VCO's, amplifiers, couplers, dividers, mixers
775-345-0461 - Verdi, NV

FiltroneticsCrystal oscillators and crystals, TCXOs, VCXOs, ceramic and SAW filters
816-231-7375 - Kansas City, MO

Frequency ManagementCrystal oscillators, VCO's temperature compensated, monolithic crystal filters
800-800-9825 / Huntington Beach, CA

General Electronic DevicesCrystal oscillators, crystals, VCOs, OCXOs, VCXOs, TCXOs, VCTCXOs, DROs
760-591-4170 / San Marcos, CA

Greenray IndustriesCrystal oscillators, OCXOs, TCXOs and VCXOs and VCOs
717-766-0223 / Mechanicsburg, PA

HerleyCrystal based oscillators, modulators, dividers, synthesizers, phase shifters
717-735-8117 / Lancaster, PA

Companies "I to Q"

ILSI AmericaCrystal oscillators, data oscillators, VCXO, VCO, TCXO, TCVCXO, OCXO, SAW filter
888-355-4574 / Reno, NV

Lucix CorporationDielectric resonator oscillators, rugged and hermetic housings, frequency converters
805-987-3677 / Camarillo, CA

MCLICrystal based oscillators, PLDRO, DRO, couplers, isolators, circulators
800-333-6254 / St. Petersburg, FL

Micro CrystalCrystal oscillators, SMD crystals, AT cut, OCXO, VCXO, ceramic SMD,
847-818-9825 / Arlington Heights, IL

Micro Lambda Wireless, IncCrystal based oscillators, PLOs, synthesizers, filters
510-770-9221 / Fremont, CA

MicroneticsVCO's, noise sources, LNA's limiters, phase shifters, test equipment
603-883-2900 / Hudson, NH

Microwave Dynamics, IncOvenized crystal oscillators, Phase locked dielectric resonator oscillators
714-505-0998 / Tustin, CA

Mid-Atlantic RF Systems, IncCrystal based synthesizers, hybrids, power dividers, RF amplifiers
410-893-2430 / Forest Hill, MD

MiteqCrystal based frequency synthesizers, oscillators, mixers, frequency multipliers
631-436-7400 / Hauppauge, NY

MTI-Milliren TechnologiesCrystal oscillators, OCXOs, TCXOs, VCXOs, frequency synthesizers
888-684-1101 / Newburyport, MA

MtronPTICrystal oscillators, OCXOs, TCXOs, VCXOs, monolithic crystal filters
800-762-8800 / Yankton, SD

Murata ElectronicsCrystal based PLL modules, VCOs, TCXO, chip dielectric, EMI filters, resonators
800-241-6574 / Smyrna, GA

Nexyn CorpCrystal controlled PLDROs 3-23 GHz, PLO's, frequency synthesizers

408-982-9339 / Santa Clara, CA

OmniYIGBand reject, bandpass Yig filters, oscillators, Yig multipliers, limiters
408-988-0843 / Santa Clara, CA

Orban MicrowaveCrystal controlled local oscillators, frequency converters, power amplifiers (OMP)
915-590-0825 / El Paso, TX

Oscillatek - VectronCrystal controlled oscillators, VCSOs EMXO's, OCXOs, VCXOs, TCXOs, XOs
888-328-7661 / Hudson, NH

Phase MatrixTest instruments, subsystems, (VXI) pulsed frequency counters, synthesizers
408-428-1000 / San Jose, CA

Pletronics CompanyCrystal oscillators, VCXOs, VCSOs, OCXOs, OeXOs, TCXOs, XOs
+1-425-776-1880 / Lynwood, WA

Poseidon Scientific InstrumentsUltra low phase noise microwave xtal oscillators, phase noise analyzers
++61 8 9430 6639 / Fremantle, Australia

PraxsymTest equipment systems, single & dual output synthesizers, DDS, PAMS
217-897-1744 / Fisher, IL

Princeton Microwave Technology, Inc Crystal oscillators, DRO, PLDRO, coaxial resonator oscillators
6609-586-8140 / Mercerville, NJ

Pulse Research LabCrystal oscillator clock sources
3310-515-5330 / Torrance, CA

Q-TechComplete crystal oscillator capability, from standard clock oscillators to MCXO's
3310-836-7900 / Culver City, CA

QualcommCDMA wireless technology, CDMA2000 (1X and 1x EV-DO) and WCDMA (UMTS)
8858-587-1121 / San Diego, CA

Companies "R to Z"

RakonCrystal oscillators, TCXO's, GPS TCXO's, VCTCXO's, SMD TCXO's, VCTCXO's
+64 9 573 5554 / New Zealand

RaltronClock oscillators, OCXOs, TCXOs, VCOs, VCXOs programmable clocks, SAW's
305-593-6033 / Miami, FL

Ray Micro DevicesCrystal based oscillators, multipliers, phase shifters, 0-40 GHz
7717- 266-8666 / York, PA

RF Monolithics, IncCrystal based oscillators, TCXO, VCXO, VCTCXO, filters, resonators, SAW's
800-704-6079 / Dallas, TX

RoswinCrystal controlled oscillators, phase locked loop modules, dielectric filters, LC filters
82-41-621-4450 / ChungNom, Korea

RTx Technology Co., LtdCrystal based VCO's, PLL synthesizers, SAW devices, duplexers, multiplexers
+82-31-743-6275 / South Korea

Salisbury Engineering - Spectrum Crystal reference oscillators, synthesizers, filters, harmonic generators
8888-553-7531 / Delmar, DE

Signal Technology Corp - CraneOscillators, synthesizers, transceivers, limiters, noise sources.
480-940-1655 / Chandler, AZ

Silicon DevicesVoltage controlled oscillator modules, integer-n and fractional-n PLL's(UK) Limited
+64 7 574 2894 / UK

Sirenza Microdevices - RFMDCrystal based VCOs, PLLs, demodulators, amplifiers, transistors, mixers
336-664-1233 / Greensboro, NC

Sivers IMA ABVCOs, PLLs, synthesizers, FMCW radar sensor front ends, mmwave transceivers
+46-8-7036800 / Kista, Sweden

Suntsu Frequency Control, IncQuartz crystals, crystal oscillators, OCXOs, TCXOs, VCXOs
9949-955-2195 / Newport Beach, CA

Synergy MicrowaveCrystal controlled VCOs, frequency synthesizers, SAW oscillators, mixers
9973-881-8800 / Paterson, NJ

Techtrol Cyclonetics, IncUltra low noise crystal controlled sources, phase locked multipliers
717-774-2746 / New Cumberland, PA

Tech Time, LTDCrystal based clocks, VCXOs, OCXOs, TCXOs, crystals, frequency modules.
++972-4-6263891 / Israel

Teledyne CougarOscillators w/MMIC amplifiers, cascadable and limiting amplifiers, AGC amplifiers
408-522-3838 / Sunnyvale, CA

Tellurian TechnologiesCrystal units, clock oscillators, VCOs, VCXOs, TCXOs, VCTCXOs, crystal filters
8847-934-4141 / Rolling Meadows, IL

Torex SemiconductorOscillators, voltage detectors, power MOSFETs, voltage regulators, opamps
949-261-2022 / Irvine, CA

Trak MicrowaveOscillators, GPS time, frequency synthesizers, attenuators, delay line filters
888-283-8444 / Tampa, FL

Toyocom - EpsonCrystal units, crystal oscillators, SAW filters, crystal filters, optical devices.
847-593-8780 / Arlington Heights, IL

Universal Microwave Corp - RFMDCrystal based VCOs and synthesizers
8877-862-9873 / Tempe, AZ

Valpey Fisher CorpQuartz crystals, XOs, VCXOs, OCXOs, high reliability, COTs oscillators
800-982-5737 / Hopkinton, MA

Vectron InternationalCrystals, oscillators, SAW filters
888-328-7661 / Hudson, NH

VN-TechnologyCrystal controlled clock oscillators, VCXOs, FCXOs, TCXOs, OCXOs, synthesizers
+972-46260505 / Or-Akiva, Israel

Wenzel Associates, IncCrystal oscillators, RF modules, synthesizers
5512-835-2038 / Austin, TX