Companies "A to E"

3Gmetalworx, IncPCB RF/EMI shielding, basic shielding cans, single/multi-cavity sets & removable covers
888-965-3634 / Concord, Ontario, Canada

Adams Magnetic ProductsFerrite cores, flexible, ceramic, alnico, Neodymium & Samarium Cobalt magnets
270-763-9090 / Elizabethtown, KY

AFT MicrowaveMicrowave absorbers, waveguide, coaxial, phase shifters, ferrites, thin film technology
+49 7191 9659 0 / Backnang, Germany

Amuneal Manufacturing CorpShielding products, cryogenic, EMF, magnetic, sheet metal & assemblies
800-755-9843 / Philadelphia, PA

Arc TechnologiesEMI, cable coatings, honeycomb, foam, & magnetic absorbers, structural composites
978-388-2993 / Amesbury, MA

Braden Shielding SystemsMRI enclosures, anechoic chambers, shielded doors, Tempest/SCIF enclosures
918-624-2888 / Tulsa, OK

CET TechnologyTransformers, power, toroids, inductors, chokes, filters, EMI/RFI, linear, switch mode
603-894-6100 / Windham, NH

ChomericsCopper foil tape, EMI shielding, elastomer EMI gaskets, thermal management
781-935-4850 / Woburn, MA

CobhamAnechoic chambers, radomes, antennas - radar assemblies, satellite communications
+1 410-542-1700 - Baltimore, MD

CoiltechPower inductors, ceramic, ferrite, molded inductors, chip and wire wound
714-708-8715 / Costa Mesa, CA

Cooper Bussmann Transformers, inductors, toroids, high frequency, power drum, shielded
636-394-2877 / Ellisville, MO

Cuming Lehman ChambersRF shielded anechoic chambers, EMC chambers, RCS/Radome chambers
717-263-4104 / Chambersburg, PA

Cuming Microwave CorporationMicrowave absorbing materials, dielectrics, foam, anechoic & EMC chambers
508.521.6700 / Avon, MA

CybershieldEMI/RFI shielding with electroplating, vacuum metallization and conductive paint
936-633-6387 / Lufkin, TX

Delta ElectronicsSMPS, inductors, DC/DC converters, voltage regulators, EMI filters, transformers
510-668-5100 / Fremont, CA

EAC ShieldingEMI/RFI Shielding products, honeycomb panels, air vents, wire mesh, gaskets
562-902-0727 / La Habra, CA

Eagle Group Northeast CorpEMI / RFI & microwave foil shielding, RF absorbers, injection molding
401-767-2242 / Woonsocket, RI

Eastern ComponentsCores and shielding for electronic applications
800-862-1640 / W. Conshohocken, PA

Elna MagneticsFerrites, amorphous alloy, powdered iron, gapping, machining, grinding, assembly
800-553-2870 / Saugerties, NY

Emicon CorporationCustom coils, filters, signal line filters, EMI filters, low pass filters and inductors
915-590-0795 / El Paso, TX

Emerson & Cuming MicrowaveEccosorb microwave & RF absorbers, dielectric materials, conductive sheets
781-961-9600 / Randolph, MA

Espey Mfg & Electronics CorpSMPS, inverters, converters, power conditioning, transformers, inductors
518-245-4400 / Saratoga Springs, NY

ETS-LindgrenAnechoic chambers, absorbers, antennas, filters, shielded enclosures, screen rooms
512-531-6400 / Cedar Park, TX

Companies "F to M"

Fair-Rite ProductsFerrite absorber tiles, EMI supression, Pot cores, E cores, RFID rods, chip arrays
888-324-7748 / Wallkill, NY

FDK AmericaFerrites, transformers, chokes, circulators, combiners/dividers, RF absorbers
+1-408-215-6500 / Sunnyvale, CA

FerrishieldRFID shielding, RF absorbers & shields, pcb shields, RFI gaskets, cable gaskets
866-832-4364 / Tampa, FL

Ferronics Inc.Toroids, multi-hole cores, beads, 6 hole chokes, ferrite kits, winding service
585-388-1020 / Fairport, NY

FerroxcubeSoft ferrite materials, toroids, core sets, ferrite foil, rings, RFID transponder cores
915-599-2328 / El Paso, TX

Fischer Custom CommunicationsAbsorbing clamps, probes, E & H field sensors, TEM cells, calibration fixtures
310-303-3300 / Torrance, CA

Holland Shielding Systems BVRF shielding, EMI gaskets, conductive foil tape, glue, paint, absorber ferrites
+31 (0)78 - 613 13 66 / Netherlands

Insul-FabInsulation - acoustic - dielectric - electrical - thermal, EMI/RFI shielding, laminates, tapes
214-956-0055 / Dallas, TX

KemtronRFI/EMI shielding, wire mesh, conductive tapes, Beryllium copper finger stock
+44 (0)1376 348115 / Braintree, Essex, UK

KOA Speer ElectronicsEMI/EMC filtering, multilayer ceramic & thin film inductors, chokes, LTCC substrates
814-362-5536 / Bradford, PA

Laird TechnologiesRF absorbers, shielding, ferrites, mesh wire, smt shields, conductive elastomers
800-843-4556 / Delaware Water Gap, PA

LBA Group, IncRF shielding fabrics, paints, enclosures, test equipment, testing & technical services
800-522-4464 / Greenville, NC

Leader Tech, IncShielding, gaskets, finger stock, wire mesh, absorber pads, conductive elastomers
813-855-6921 / Tampa, FL

Lindgren RF - ETS-LindgrenAbsorbers, antennas, RF/Microwave test chambers, emf instruments, filters, software
512-531-6400 / Cedar Park, TX

Magnetic Component EngineeringDiscs, rings, bars, Neodymium Iron Boron, Samarium Cobalt, Alnico and Ceramic
800-989-5656 / Torrance, CA

MagneticsFerrite cores, EMC filter, powder cores, tape cores, cut cores, bobbin & ring cores
1-412-963-9363 / Pittsburgh, PA

MAJR ProductsEMI/RFI shielding, gaskets, tapes, ferrites, elastomers, fingerstock, grounding washers
877-625-7776 / Saegertown, PA

Masach Technologies LtdStandard & customized RF shields and covers, RMI solutions, RFI solutions
972-2-5356607 / Modiin, Israel

MAST TechnologiesRF absorbers, lossy foam, EMI shielding, elastomers, caulks, inks, coatings
858-452-1700 / San Diego

Metglas - Hitachi Metals AmericaAmorphous metal ribbon, high frequency magnetics, brazing alloys, toroid cores
800-581-7654 / Conway, SC

MicrometalsToroids, bobbins, E cores, HC/IC cores, iron powder cores, magnetic alloy cores
800-356-5977 / Anaheim, CA

MuShieldCustom shielding, stamping, machining, fabricating, hydroforming, spinning, EDM
888-669-3539 / Londonderry, NH

MWT Materials, IncRF and Microwave absorbers, active fillers, shielding, ceramic painting material
845-369-7808 / Passaic, NJ

Companies "O to Z"

OrbelEMI/RFI shielding, multi-cavity, finger stock, plated foils, photo etching, stamping
610-829-5000 / Easton, PA

Panashield, IncAnechoic chambers, shielded enclosures, RF sealing doors, chamber relocation
203-866-5888 / Norwalk, CT

P & P Technology LtdEMI and RFI shielding windows, gaskets, meshes, vents, conductive fabric gasketing
+44 (0) 1376 550525 / Braintree Essex, UK

Precision IncorporatedRF - data - signal transformers, inductors, chokes, medical coils, antennas
800-749-3677 / Minneapolis, MN

Precision Micro LtdEMC shielding, micromachining, ultra fine mesh, lead frames, microwave components
+44 121 380 0100 / Birmingham, UK

Precision PhotofabRF/EMI shielding, antennas, resonator tabs, tuning blades, filters, lead frames
800-875-1093 / Buffalo, NY

Premier MagneticsWideband RF and EMI/RFI transformers, dc/dc converters, LAN/Databus transformers
949-452-0511 / Lake Forest, CA

RFI CorporationEMI/EMC/RFI filters & assemblies, QPL filters, pulse transformers, inductors
631-231-6400 / Bay Shore, NY

SAS IndustriesShielding, waveguide, non-conductive, conductive, co-elastomer, connector gaskets
631-727-1441 / Manorville, NY

Shielding Solutions Limited EMI shielding, conductive elastomers, vent panels & filters, gaskets, adhesives
01376 330033 / Braintree Essex UK

Silver Cloud ManufacturingEMI/RFI shielding, ESD protection, custom filters, anti reflective surfaces, heat shields
856-825-8900 / Millville, NJ

Spira Mfg CorporationEMC - EMI - RFI gaskets & shielding, spiral wrap, honeycomb filters
818-764-8222 / North Hollywood, CA

TDKFilters, transformers, inductors, ferrite cores, EMC components, amorphous cores
516-535-2600 / Uniondale, NY

Tech-EtchEMI/RFI shielding, flexible circuits, finger stock, polyimide photoetching, screens
508-747-0300 / Plymouth, MA

TusonixSurface mount EMI filters, filtered terminal blocks, custom EMI filter plate assemblies
520-744-0400 / Tucson, AZ

West Coast MagneticsSwitch mode, isolation, base drive, current sense transformers, RF power inductors
800-628-1123 / Stockton, CA

W.L. Gore & AssocRF grounding pads, EMI gaskets, thermal interface materials, dielectric materials
888-914-7787 / Newark, DE